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Nov 6, 2018 - Phenotypic
Gopalakrishnan, S; Srinivas V; Alekhya G; Prakash B; Kudapa H; Abhishek, Rathore; Rajeev K. Varshney, 2018, "Data on plant growth-promoting broad-spectrum Streptomyces sp. in chickpea and its effect on grain yield 2013-14", doi:10.21421/D2/LFIFZF, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:vdfr3gAqmh2fhdsHs6j3Dw==
This data set contain replicated observations on PGP capabilities of five strains (CAI-17, CAI-68, CAI-78, KAI-26 and KAI-27) under field conditions in chickpea in the 2013-14, post-rainy seasons on Vertisols. All experiments were carried out at the International Crops Research I...
Oct 10, 2018 - Phenotypic
Gopalakrishnan, S; Srinivas V; Alekhya G; Prakash B; Kudapa H; Rajeev K. Varshney, 2018, "Data on evaluation of broad-spectrum Streptomyces sp. for plant growth promotion traits in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)", doi:10.21421/D2/ZNKSUT, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:q5XUWH5a1CvQwNWEvVlV4w==
The experiment was done for two consecutive post-rainy cropping seasons in 2012−13 and 2013–14 at the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-arid Tropics (ICRISAT). The test Streptomyces (CAI-21, CAI-26 and MMA-32) were grown individually on a starch casein broth at...
Oct 5, 2018 - Phenotypic
Sathya A; Vijayabharathi Rajendran; Srinivas V; Gopalakrishnan, S, 2018, "Data on plant growth-promoting actinobacteria on Chickpea seed mineral density: an upcoming complementary tool for sustainable biofortification strategy", doi:10.21421/D2/46KKXE, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:n8oZpL37Q8JhK86vItK94g==
The data set contains, evaluated to test the 19 potential of plant growth-promoting actinobacteria in increasing seed mineral density of Chickpea under field conditions.The field trial conditions used were as follows. This experiment was carried out during 2013–2014 post-rainy cr...
Oct 4, 2018 - Phenotypic
Gopalakrishnan, S; Srinivas V; Alekhya G; Prakash B, 2018, "Effect of Plant growth-promoting Streptomyces sp. on growth promotion and grain yield in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L)", doi:10.21421/D2/MMLD6W, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:rGnVylEWX7C9lbE5mUnj4A==
This dataset contains, field trials were conducted for two cropping seasons in 2012–13 and 2013–14 at ICRISAT, Patancheru. The experiment was laid out with three replicates and sub-plot sizes of 4 x 3 m rows in ridges in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) under irrigated c...
Oct 3, 2018 - Phenotypic
Sreevidya M; Gopalakrishnan, S; Melo Torunn M; Simic Nebojsa; Per Bruheim P; Mamta Sharma; Srinivas V; Alekhya G, 2018, "Data on biological control of Botrytis cinerea and plant growth promotion potential by Penicillium citrinum in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)", doi:10.21421/D2/TI1WVP, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:FXd6TD9LQe/AL5JyGkD2Gw==
The culture filtrate of the most promising isolate, VFI-51, was purified by various chromatographic techniques and identified as ‘citrinin’ by nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectrometry studies. The efficacy of citrinin was demonstrated to control BGM in Chickpea under gree...
Oct 3, 2018 - Phenotypic
Gopalakrishnan, S; Srinivas V; Prakash B; Sathya A; Vijayabharathi Rajendran, 2018, "Data on plant growth-promoting traits of Pseudomonas geniculata isolated from Chickpea nodules", doi:10.21421/D2/AZWTBP, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:xESdEhmAQnFtCeoNGkRvqA==
A bacterium, isolated from nodules of Chickpea grown in alluvial soils of Haryana state of India, designated as IC-76 was characterized for in vitro plant growth-promoting (PGP) properties and further evaluated under greenhouse, on-station and on-farm field conditions. The experi...
Oct 3, 2018 - Phenotypic
Gopalakrishnan, S; Mohan Singh; Swarnalakshmi K; Srinivas V; Abhishek, Rathore; Hari D. Upadhyaya; Basu PS; Sushil Kumar Chaturvedi, 2018, "Data on assessment of nodulation potential in mini-core genotypes and land races of Chickpea", doi:10.21421/D2/GADODY, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:22yVLkFJm0e3IJxLYCsALQ==
The data set contains the Chickpea mini-core collection consisting of 211 accessions was developed based on geographic distribution and qualitative traits from 1956, accessions of the core collection of Chickpea, representing 16,991 accessions available in the ICRISAT gene bank....
Oct 2, 2018 - Phenotypic
Gopalakrishnan, S; Srinivas V; Prakash B; Sathya A; Vijayabharathi Rajendran; Rupela Om; Kudapa H; Krishnamohan K; Rajeev K. Varshney, 2018, "Data on evaluation of Streptomyces strains isolated from herbal vermi compost for their plant growth-promotion traits in Rice", doi:10.21421/D2/NWZJVP, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:x8Ldobyk/iRaHWdUCqivmg==
This dataset contains, Actinomycetes (CAI-13, CAI-85, CAI-93, CAI-140, CAI-155 and KAI-180) were evaluated for production of PGP traits including siderophore, chitinase, cellulase, lipase, protease, hydrocyanic acid (HCN) and indole acetic acid (IAA) and β-1,3-glucanase. Sideroph...
Oct 2, 2018 - Phenotypic
Vijayabharathi Rajendran; Ratna Kumari B; Sathya A; Srinivas V; Abhishek, Rathore; Hari C. Sharma; Gopalakrishnan, S, 2018, "Data on biological activity of entomopathogenic actinomycetes against Lepidopteran insects (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera)", doi:10.21421/D2/EX3QU7, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:yZjO7MQg9+6T06VKTbe+0w==
This dataset contains a total of 111 microbes isolated from various herbal vermi composts and organically cultivated fields were evaluated for their intracellular metabolites (ICM), extracellular metabolites (ECM) and whole culture (WC) against early instars of lepidopteran insec...
Oct 2, 2018 - Phenotypic
Gopalakrishnan, S; Srinivas V; Shravya A; Prakash B; Vijayabharathi Rajendran; Ratna Kumari Bhimineni; Rupela Om, 2018, "Data on evaluation of Streptomyces spp. for their plant-growth promotion traits in Rice", doi:10.21421/D2/LYDOZ7, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:Hy2RSAnJD/2yGfyst7HUBQ==
The dataset contains five strains of Streptomyces (CAI-17, CAI-68, CAI-78, KAI-26, and KAI-27) were previously reported to have potential for charcoal rot control and plant growth promotion (PGP) in sorghum. In this study, those 5 Streptomyces strains were characterized for their...
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