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Feb 11, 2017 - Genotypic
Rajeev K. Varshney; Chi Song; Rachit K Saxena; Sarwar Azam; Sheng Yu; Andrew G Sharpe; Steven Cannon; Jongmin Baek; Benjamin D Rosen; Bunyamin Tar'an; Teresa Millan; Xudong Zhang; Larissa D Ramsay; Aiko Iwata; Ying Wang; William Nelson; Andrew D Farmer; Pooran M Gaur; Carol Soderlund; R Varma Penmetsa; Chunyan Xu; Arvind K Bharti; Weiming He; Peter Winter; Shancen Zhao; James K Hane; Noelia Carrasquilla-Garcia; Janet A Condie; Hari D. Upadhyaya; Mingcheng Luo; Mahendar Thudi; CLL Gowda; Narendra P Singh; Judith Lichtenzveig; Krishna K Gali; Josefa Rubio; N Nadarajan; Jaroslav Dolezel; Kailash C Bansal; Xun Xu; David Edwards; Gengyun Zhang; Guenter Kahl; Juan Gil; Karam B Singh; Swapan K Datta; Scott A Jackson; Jun Wang; Douglas R. Cook, 2017, "Data on draft genome sequence of chickpea (Cicer arietinum)",, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1
The dataset contains genome sequence of the ~738 Mb chickpea genome from CDC Frontier, a kabuli variety, which contains an estimated 28,269 genes. Re-sequencing and analysis of 90 cultivated and wild genotypes from 10 different countries identifies both targets of breeding-associ...
Unknown - 33.2 MB - MD5: bcbc7b68134894a1f43df50650623eaf
Unknown - 9.4 MB - MD5: e01cc5738bc9844fbd698aeb2fbd7c4f
Unknown - 12.5 MB - MD5: 5cca90c764195c6a0525552c1b4c7f22
Unknown - 512.9 MB - MD5: 9644c93d2a804956a48389cdd418000b
Unknown - 61.5 KB - MD5: b1c6b215a6a30fb76d7069735562b16c
Unknown - 74.6 KB - MD5: 0d4f2cbf3827d986a0256faef2206aa8
Unknown - 108.3 KB - MD5: 8a7bf039a03ff3b92ee03858ada6291c
Unknown - 120.5 KB - MD5: 32a8a3dc4712528b2801725d377b0ab6
Unknown - 55.6 MB - MD5: 271ad7279d1bf2a96b4985ee223165b1
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