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Tabular Data - 238.2 KB - 26 Variables, 1552 Observations - UNF: UNF:6:z/jq1i6ZKfEkXYoeu1beiQ==
Tabular Data - 570.4 KB - 26 Variables, 4119 Observations - UNF: UNF:6:rO9JPAKDbYvkMo8FvbnCbQ==
Tabular Data - 187.9 KB - 15 Variables, 2362 Observations - UNF: UNF:6:LB411P+vAD6gduNFPh+9YA==
MS Word (docx) - 13.3 KB - MD5: 1ba1d4baad2dbd9b2225fdc11ba24d83
MS Word (docx) - 13.1 KB - MD5: 31ec1c43ff9552fd04fbdee14705cc5e
Tabular Data - 634.3 KB - 18 Variables, 7443 Observations - UNF: UNF:6:9vJdRgxlOPeVEHWibk54NA==
MS Word (docx) - 12.5 KB - MD5: bdc4268a1541ad3fd027bf906aa8601f
Tabular Data - 884.3 KB - 15 Variables, 9530 Observations - UNF: UNF:6:avY/1hOHeendtpFmKKZQDw==
MS Word (docx) - 12.4 KB - MD5: ee7ab0061932006f71b0805d1b5a1da4
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