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Apr 14, 2015
P Parthasarathy Rao; Lagesh MA ; Deb UK; Jagadeesh E ; Md. Golam Faruque ; Md. Waji Ullah; Chowdhury Saleh Ahmed; Roland Nathan Mandal; Bijoya Paul ; Tazeen Fatima Khan, 2016, "Crop Livestock Typology in South Asia",, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1
A crop-livestock typology for two South Asian countries namely India and Bangladesh has been constructed using Agricultural activity - based approach (AAA). The classification identifies systems / zones having similar features (agro-climatic and socioeconomic) for agricultural de...
Oct 23, 2015
Charyulu Kumara D; D Moses Shyam; Bantilan MCS; Rao KPC; Borikar S T; Kumar Ashok A; Reddy B V S, 2016, "Rainy season Sorghum Technology Adoption and Impact Study in Maharashtra",, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1
The comprehensive analysis of adoption and impact in this study used the survey data to address farm level responses with respect to diffusion, adoption, dis-adoption, input use, crop management and unit cost reduction in rainy season sorghum production. It is aimed at any inter-...
Nov 15, 2015
Shiferaw Bekele; Geoffrey Muricho; okello julius, 2016, "Adoption amd Impact of Improved Groundnut varieties In Uganda - Household survey",, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1
The primary survey was conducted in 2 stages. The first stage was a reconnaissance survey the purpose of which was to have a broader understanding of the Groundnut production and market conditions in Uganda. This involved consultative discussions with farmers, traders, extension...
Nov 15, 2015
Dube,T; Homann-Kee Tui .S; van Rooyen, A.F; Rodriguez, D, 2016, "Baseline and Situation Analysis Report:Integrating Cropand Livestock Production for Improved Food Security and Livelihoods in Rural Zimbabwe",, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1
This study aims at describing the baseline situation of crop-livestock systems in the semi- arid regions of Zimbabwe. Using quantitative household surveys data and stakeholder workshops, it captures livelihood strategies, community visions, crop and livestock production and marke...
Sep 8, 2016
TL-II, 2016, "TL-II Baseline Survey at Household level for Improved Groundnut crop in Uganda for the year 2005-2006",, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1
Survey Questionnaire to assess adoptionand impact of improved Groundnut varieties in Uganda, 2005-2006
Sep 8, 2016
TL-II, 2016, "TL-II Baseline Survey for Chickpea crop in Andhra Pradesh State of India in 2008",, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1
Household baseline survey data has been collected under TL-II project in Andhra Pradesh of South India for the Chickpea crop in 2008. This is one time data collection survey at village wise
Sep 8, 2016
TL-II, 2016, "TL-II project Baseline survey at household level in Tanzania for the years 2006-07 and 2007-2008",, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1
Baseline survey with household questionnaire for Pigeonpea,Groundnut, and Chickpea in Tanzania, 2006-2007 and 2007-2008
Sep 8, 2016
TL-II, 2016, "TL-II Trail data collected for Pigeonpea crop in Patancheru, Hyderabad, India for 2011",, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1
TL-II Trail has been conducted for Pigeonpea crop in Patancheru, Hyderabad for the 2011.
Sep 8, 2016
TL-II, 2016, "TL II project Baseline survey at household level for the TL-II project in Malawi for the years 2006-2007 and 2007-2008",, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1
Baseline Survey Instrument in the Eastern and Southern Africa ,2006/2007 and 2007/2008
Sep 8, 2016
TL-II, 2016, "TL-II Baseline survey at Household level in Eastern and Southern Africa for the years 2009-2010",, ICRISAT Dataverse, V1
Baseline survey with household questionnaire for Chickpea in Eastern and Southern Africa, 2009-2010
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